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Learn about the patent pending Nic Pack™ system.
Reduce your E-Juice inventory by 75% while increasing your sales

The Nic Pack System stemmed from the need to find a solution to reduce inventory, therefore, saving money. A chain store which at the time had 50 flavors of E-Juice in 10ml bottles with 4 varying strengths...

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Why Nic Pack Nicotine Pillow Packs?

Why is the Nic Pack Nicotine Pillow Packs by far the best way to add nicotine to your E juice or Drip juice. Nic Pack Nicotine Pillow Packs are by far the best way to add nicotine to your E juice or Drip juice for the following reasons....

How does the patent pending Nic Pack® system work?

Nic Pack® system is used to convert non nicotine E-Juice or Drip-Juice to nicotine E-Juice or Drip-juice.Choose the right Nic Pack Nicotine Pillow Pack for your applications using our nicotine calculator...

Nic Pack® Nicotine Pillow Packspatent pending system is a proven system to safely, easily, and accurately nicotinize non nicotine E-Juice and Drip Juice.
Patented: multiple patents pending for system and novel packaging.
Proven: System has been in use since 2013.
Safe: Double child resistant single use packaging.
Easy: One full Nic Pack™ pack used per bottle of E-Juice or Drip Juice
Accurate: No partial nicotine packs to use or counting drops vs alternative systems.

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Nic Pack™ System Created and Now is Patent Pending.
In late 2015 the faults of the original system were realized and by early 2016 the original system was reformulated and the Nic Pack™ system was...
The System Expanded On
The original system was set up for 10ml bottles E-Juice and only provided for 4 nicotine strengths.  In 2014 this system was expanded to work on...
A System Needed to Reduce Inventory
While still in it's crude stages, and far from current product,  a system was created and proved it's effectiveness to lower inventory and save...